Set the Tone for Your Home

Set the Tone for Your Home

Talk to us about color consultation

The colors inside your house help set the mood and atmosphere you want. Details Interiors, LLC offers color consultation to help you choose the right colors for your home. We work on second homes and vacation homes when you don’t have time to handle interior design.

We can work remotely for your convenience. This way, you don’t always have to be there for us to work on choosing the right hues and tones for your rooms. Call 703-798-9125 today to hire an experienced color consultant.

We’re ready to collaborate on ideas

It’s important to have good chemistry with your interior designer when it comes to choosing colors. You’ll discover that it’s a collaborative process where both sides bring ideas to the table before a decision is made. We can:

  • Show you ideas to get an understanding of what you want
  • Take your ideas and make them a reality
  • Steer the direction of the design and colors for something different
It’s important to be open to new ideas throughout the process. Hire a color consultant by contacting Details Interiors today.